Become a Software Developer

Nick Pickering, Become a Software Developer

Hi, I’m Nick. This is my guide to landing your first job, client, or customer as a software developer. I’ve designed it to get you from zero experience to hired as painlessly as possible.

I recommend reading this guide front to back - each lesson builds on the previous one, so the lessons won’t make much sense out of order. There may be information in this guide which will save you weeks or months worth of headaches. You don’t want to skip anything.

✨ Chapter 0: Why Become a Software Developer?

🔨 Chapter 1: Choose a Dev Career Path

🔍 Chapter 2: Choose a Tech Stack & Build a Syllabus

💻 Chapter 3: Learn to Code

📦 Chapter 4: Develop a Portfolio Project

📃 Chapter 5: Put Together a Resume

👔 Chapter 6: Prepare for Interviews

📬 Chapter 7: Submit Your Applications

🌅 Chapter 8: BONUS Your First 90 Days and Beyond

😅 Stuck? Struggling?

Not sure what to do next? Schedule a personalized session with me and I can help you with any problem - technical, professional, or personal - standing between you and becoming a developer.