About Nick

Nick Pickering, Become a Software Developer

Nick is a seasoned software developer who has endured many years in colleges and universities to finally receive his bachelor’s degree in Computer Science after eight years of study.

It was expensive - Nick worked jobs pushing grocery carts and mowing lawns to pay his way through as slow and painfully as possible to avoid going into massive debt. He had no life.

Finally, he landed his first gig as a software developer… as an unpaid intern. Over ten years, he’s climbed up the ranks to roles such as Senior Architect and Development Lead across many types of technology companies. He’s led several teams of experienced developers, conducted dozens of developer interviews, and designed several successful applications and systems.

Now, he’s a very tired dad of two young kids with an amazing job in a career he loves.

But, Nick believes that it didn’t need to be so difficult to become a software developer. So now he’s set out to help others land their first job as software developers.