Coding Bootcamps Are Failing Graduates Who Hope to Land a Job in Technology
Written by Nick Pickering on May 2022
Coding bootcamps can be a great way to pick up technical skills you’ll need quickly. However, if you’re struggling to land your first job in tech after completing a bootcamp you’re not alone. Recent statistics show only about 75% of coding bootcamp graduates land a job in programming in 180 days since completing a bootcamp. This rate is far too low.

The technology industry is desperate for people to help build their visions for the future. So, what prevents coding bootcamp graduates from landing their first job?

Often, graduates feel they “aren’t ready” after completing a bootcamp. They want to perfect and hone their skills before committing to a job. They feel underprepared for the types of roles they want. They see job postings that insist that you must have 5 years’ experience or a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and believe that they aren’t qualified to fill these roles.

Sometimes, candidates join coding bootcamps because they want to break into the tech industry and find that they don’t like writing code very much – they choose to stay where they are or pursue alternative career paths.

So, what does it take to land your first job after completing a coding bootcamp?

First, you need to understand that all roles in software development require continuous learning. Once you’ve completed a bootcamp, you have demonstrated that you can successfully complete technical projects. With that, I guarantee you that there are companies out there willing to give you a shot.

I studied software development in university for 8 years and mentored many students over that time – I learned more about software development in my first year of my job in the real world than I ever did studying and implementing challenge projects. Working in the tech industry provides you with the experience and guidance to know what’s important to learn and what isn’t. You gain confidence by getting into real-world scenarios. There’s an old saying, “measure twice, cut once”. I believe that many people looking for a job in technology may be measuring three, four, five times before making their cut. People in this position are unnecessarily delaying their learning process and the gratification for the results they’ve already achieved.

If you choose to stay on the sidelines, you’ll never be ready to join the tech industry. It can be scary making the leap into the tech industry. Work with a mentor or accountability partner whose been through the process to reduce the pain and stress of the process. 

Nick Pickering

Nick Pickering helps people become software developers, regardless of their background. He has over ten years experience in the industry as a software developer, architect and engineering lead across many different types of companies.
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